Kelantan x Popov 2016 | #KaranganBolaSepak

Kelantan x Popov 2016 | #KaranganBolaSepak by Amirul Radin


Happy Belated Birthday to Coach Velizar Popov! As a Kelantan fan, we have had such a roller coaster life since 2009. Starting 2014, so much inconsistency on and off the pitch was really bad for us as fans and as The Red Warrior brand. 2016 we stated rock bottom, meaning only won a few games at the start of the season. Team has so much talent but feels like the coach then K. Devan couldn’t get the best from them.

In May 2016. Kelantan hired Velizar Popov. Who had an impressive CV coming in. He looked scary and mean but after some time. Could see that’s just how much he is passionate about football. And that translated on the pitch. Kelantan rebuilt nicely within a short space of time. Looked like he had a lot of emphasis on physical aspect and being organised. Remember like any coaching some in, mid season. They inherit squads and they only can do much. But what a job well done.

Super League finish of 4th was impressive. But disappointed we didn’t go far into the Malaysia Cup. Despite not winning that game, the 3-3 against Selangor at Stadium Shah Alam was memorable for me. A lot of hard work from the team. Blazhe Illjoski, Brendan Gan, Wander Luiz, Wan Zack, Indra, Gomis, Faris Shah were great in the Malaysia Cup run. in the quarter final against PDRM, was a stupid game. Kelantan would have won that first game 9 times of out 10!

Sadly he didn’t renew for 2017. But in that 6 month spell he made an impression with the Kelantan fans and Malaysian football. Again he may seem to be like a person you would be afraid of but gave us Kelantan fans a lot of good football as well as Malaysian fans an insight of what kind of a funny and passionate person he is! Credit to Tifo Arena for doing so!